Getting Organized is a Sign of Self-Respect

2023 is going to be the year where my organization skills, trips and tricks are really going to be tested and I’m ok with that. This year will be the year for adventures. Keep an eye out for all the posts from the updates.

To start off, Maddox is transitioning his enzymes at the start of the calendar year – yay insurance. Which means, I have been on the phone since the start of the year trying to get Maddox his new enzymes. This includes calls to the specialty pharmacy, because this can’t go through the normal pharmacies. This also includes phone calls with the manufacturer for all their questions to see if he’s eligible for co pay assistance. Then the prior authorization forms, that have been requested from the pharmacy, have to be sent to Dr Pete. Then they then get sent back to the pharmacist. Next that pharmacist has to confirm he should have this medication. Next, I need to call to set up the payment and delivery with another team. Because that is not the same department. Mind you, trying to still work my normal job!

In the meantime, don’t forget to get the medication administration consent form for both the school and wrap around Y care filled out so that he can actually take his medications at school. Hopefully this medication is a diamond in the rough and Maddox grows like crazy from the new formularies. But we have to be ready that his body may have a negative reaction of not absorbing nutrition and causing pain as the formula hurts and not helps him.

Long story short, I think his enzymes are set for delivery. Sorry for the rant, just another day in my life. I have to go through all the same set of phone calls for his Trikafta and Pulmozyne as well.

As mentioned, there is a lot on the calendar for 2023, but I can’t share it all with you yet,. Don’t worry, there will be blogs/posts coming once everything is finalized.

I can share that Team Maddox is back for the Great Strides walk in April in Green Bay again. Hopefully this year, it’s not raining sideways and miserable.

CF Night is back at the ball park at the TIme for Ladies night, July 25th! We’ll have our table out front with leis, beads, pinwheels and other fun stuff I can find to hand out. F

I can share that I’m going back to school again. No, not for my Ph. D. but for social media and online digital marketing. I’m hoping this class will fine tune my social media presence for you all 😉 Don’t worry, it’s an online class for only 8 weeks, something to do in the crappy cold winter months of January, February and March.

I’ll be hitting up the fundraising avenue again this spring, if you have any ideas of what we could do for a fundraiser that people will actually enjoy and participate in, let me know. I don’t have Girl Scout cookies to sell but I’m always open to ideas.

Thank you for reading this far down. I appreciate you reading our story and hopefully you’ll stick around for another year of fun and excitement!

Join the team this year!

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  1. Terry says:

    You are a human dynamo, Elaine! It’s not clear to me why all these hoops need to be jumped through, but you’re amazing at navigating the quagmire we call health care. Maddox is so blessed to have you as him mom! thanks for the updates.

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