What a Milestone

If you are reading this, you are reading our 101th post on the Team Maddox Blog.

Congratulations that you have stuck with us throughout our CF journey so far. I didn’t even realize we had 100 posts until I got a message from my blog site that stated congratulations. Oh – that’s pretty cool.

The blog started off to share Maddox’s CF journey and sharing way more information than the average person would about their personal life. CF isn’t ordinary. You can hide from it or just live with it. Yea, I think I did a bit more than that by starting this blog. The intent is/was to share what it’s like living with CF. The good, the bad and the ugly. When I started this blog back in 2018 I had no idea what our life was going to be like, I had no idea where CF would take us and here we are, still taking one day at a time. It is also an outlet source for me, I can share my thoughts, concerns, dreams and fears through the keystrokes on my laptop. Telling the story of CF is a way to calm my nerves, collect my thoughts, revisit everything we have been through and to take the step back and appreciate everything. It’s hard to ‘appreciate’ or recognize that your child can handle blood draws like a champ. On the flip sides, a quick blood draw can share so much information with us to help keep him healthy and safe. That aspect was something I never thought I would say. Or that walking into his CF hospital for his check ups only slightly makes me panic vs the full blown meltdown mentally.

The blog was also created to capture a lot of memories to share with Maddox when he gets older. As of right now, today, he doesn’t know I have a blog sharing his story. It’s one of those things that I will share with him when he needs peace in his soul, answers to questions he might have, it will be a good timeline of events for him to track how much he’s progressed or it just might be my mommy secret. 😉

Throughout the 4 years since the blog was started, we have over 300 followers on a little Facebook group and the blog has been shared with multiple media outlets. The posts are to show highlights and a few hiccups along our journey. The goal of the journey is for Maddox to outlive Nick and I as children should. I want him to be happy, successful (so I can retire early), have a family of his own, create his future memories and most of all, be healthy. When Maddox is sharing memories of his past with his family and friends in the future, I want the memories to be the good ones; jumping in the leaf pile in the backyard, going to look at Christmas lights, hanging with his Grandparents and friends, going on family road trips, fishing at the pond and so much. I also hope is that when he looks back that CF was part of his life but didn’t rule it in a negative way and that he wants to help advocate for a cure with me. And if he doesn’t, I am ok with that. I know we’ll be getting into the teenage years where he won’t want to talk about it and just let it be. I’ll have to learn to be careful. But until then, you all are stuck with my blog posts!

I have have come to realize that everyone is really only looking forward to pictures of Maddox and that some skim through my words and scroll to the pictures. I get it!

Here are the pictures in this blog post 😉 Thank you for reading this far and following along in our journey. Who knows where today, tomorrow and the future will take us, but it’s one day at a time.

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