As the Season Turns

Fall – not my favorite season. Personally, I am allergic to everything growing right now and will be in allergy hide out until the first frost. The days are quickly getting shorter and colder, my flip flops are traded in for boots, my tank tops turn in to sweatshirts and the tan that I had from the warmth of the sun fades into the typical Wisconsin pale. Summer decorations are traded in for the colors of fall. So, I take this time as I’m cuddled up in a blanket with the lights on to look at the pictures from the summer and everything we did. To reflect and put the warmth of the summer in my heart as we prepare for fall and winter.

This summer we did another road trip. Went to the Carolinas where I was able to sit on beach. We went to an arcade, climbed cool water falls, ate amazing food, and kissed the bricks in Indianapolis. CF doesn’t take a vacation and we are becoming pros at how to pack and set up his treatment station at hotels.

Maddox and I were at Mulberry farm multiple times to watch all the baby animals grow up. The kitty barn is his favorite. As I am instantly having allergic reactions as he is cuddling up to them. It’s so worth it to see him so happy.

We saw a ton of different fireworks shows and were at the Timber Rattlers stadium a lot this past year (I should just get an annual parking pass).

We hung out with friends, went to the Kiel Picnic, Bay Beach, the beach, Packer’s family night and so much more.

The turn of the season always makes me sad as I will miss the long days and the warm weather. I know that I have a ton of pictures that I can look through and see what we experienced while watching Maddox grow. We are fortunate that we have the medications and treatments to help keep Maddox healthy enough that we are able to experience as much as we can. For that, I count my blessings in each of these pictures.

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