Keep’er Movin’

Current temperature in WI, where we live, is freezing with a chance of frostbite. Just remember it’s not so much the heat but the humidity that will get ya. So when it’s that cold out, your child has CF, what do you do to keep them healthy? Being in a bubble is not an option, Maddox and I can’t sit still long enough for that.

So, you get involved and be active in as much stuff as you possibly can!

Enter in the crazy schedule of our household.

Karate two nights a week, basketball on Saturdays, Hockey on Sundays and Cub Scouts once a month. The grandparents all looked at us like we were nuts. Yea, we kinda are. However, if we aren’t doing that we are either sitting on our electronics, falling asleep on the couch right after supper or shopping/spending money. They then all agreed as they cuddled back in their recliners all bundled up for the night. We love you guys!

Why the physical activity? There are a few reasons. We are trying to get Maddox to meet as many people as we can. We are trying to have him learn team sports, build confidence, gain new skills and have fun. We are also trying to keep the blood circulating through his lungs as much as we can.

By working up a sweat, huffing and puffing is the best thing for him to keep all the junk of out of his lungs so they can stay clear and functioning. Curious of more info, check out this link.

Maybe he’ll play volleyball and run track like I did. Or be on curling team or hockey or performing arts. Whatever it is, my dream is that he will continue move and stay active.

My biggest internal struggle that I have, (just like any parent) I want the best for Maddox and I want him to do his best. So when the attention span of a 6 year old kicks in in the middle of drills or a game, it’s a quick reminder to let him be a kid and be the goofy, fun loving person that is he and not get mad. 🙂

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