Don’t feel sorry for us, Help Us.

Recently I found myself telling Maddox’s CF story to a complete stranger. Don’t ask me how our story came around to talking about Maddox as he wasn’t with me but he’s always on my mind. As I was talking with this person, we got to talking about summer and a few of the things we have been up to, that he is going to school this fall and that he has CF. The first thing that came out of this person’s mouth struck a nerve with me. I know that they didn’t mean any harm by the words they said. This person wasn’t the first person that’s ever said it to me and I know it won’t be the last. Their demeanor instantly changes, the mood becomes thick and sad and it drives me crazy. “Oh, I’m so sorry to hear that dear”.

Don’t feel sorry for me, for him or us. Help us.

Help us spread the word that the medical advances have come such a long way. Help us by liking the CF Foundation’s social media so you can see what is new. Help us by sharing good news stories. Help us by donating. Help us by joining a team and walking during Great Strides. Help us by talking about it with other people now matter how long or short the conversation. Help me by being a shoulder to vent to for 30 seconds and then kick my butt back into gear. Help by picking up a single straw and talking about the straw challenge with your friends.

Feeling sorry for my son’s diagnosis isn’t going to help. I know that my personal goal has been to stay as positive as much as I can no matter what. In my opinion, life is to short to sit and feel sorry. Turn the energy around and put it to something/anything that can be impactful.

In my personal reflection, this tiny phrase has hit home so hard for me, I am super sensitive to when I hear of others and their diagnosis (any diagnosis). My first few words – are you ok and what can I do to help? When someone askes me this back? My first response is – help us by staying positive and share the advances.

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