Celebrating CF at the Ball Park

Just recently Team Maddox was at the local baseball venue to celebrate community awareness for Cystic Fibrosis. This year, we were the spot light organization on Ladies Night and we are already booked again for next year!! We handed out pinwheels, beads, glow sticks and straws to over 200 people at the stadium. Each straw had a small business card with a message to try the ‘straw challenge’ and to follow the CF Foundation for more updates.

Next year, definitely need more beads and other fun trinkets as we were out of goodies well before the game started. So much fun from the team! The shout out on the big screen was amazing to continue to spread the word on awareness of CF from the announcer.

Hooray Team Maddox!

Straw challenge – take a normal straw and trying breathing through just the straw (not through your nose) for 60 seconds. It gives an idea of how it feels to breathe with restricted lung capacity and you eventually start gasping for air. Those that don’t have CF can take the straw away – CF’ers live with that all the time.

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