Closing out 2020 and Welcoming 2021

As I was driving home from work today, I got to thinking ‘I am due for a blog post’. I logged in and noticed I had barely updates during 2020 and it pretty much followed our quarterly CF appointments. Its not that I didn’t want to write anything, it got the point of what do I write about? What should I share? I feel we all have covid fatigue or covid hangover and that our story wouldn’t be much different from what everyone else was experiencing. We have washed our hands more in 2020 than probably most of our lives combined, we saw shortages of toilet paper and the Sunday Packers games were even more meaningful.

I went through all my pictures in my phone since our last CF appointment and there are a few things we can share with everyone. This past fall, we had to make the most difficult decisions in our lives with regards our fur babies, we helped both our pups cross the bridge. The house is still empty without them and I didn’t realize how messy Maddox was at the dinner table now that I have to sweep up dinner leftovers. I miss their personalities, their quirks and just realize how quiet our house is.

Remy & Lexi

Maddox is still going to school live in Kindergarten and we had his first parent teacher conferences (virtually of course). All his teachers provided their feedback that he is a social butterfly and always helps his fellow classmates. No surprise there, right šŸ™‚ We were very proud of him when we ended the conferences.

We had quite an eventful weekend right before Christmas and Maddox had to have two different surgeries within 6 hours of each other and a transport to Children’s Hospital in Milwaukee. Thankfully that everything turned out ok with those surgeries and we were able to come home that night. While he was hooked up to all his IVs and monitors, his oxygen levels were always at 98/99/100% which was great to see for his lung capacity.

We made it through our Christmas events but it truly felt like we were walking through the motions since everything was so different. Maddox’s great grandpa had passed right after Thanksgiving and we missed the normal commotion of that family Christmas. Our famous white elephant gift exchange with our other extended family was also cancelled. We had very meaningful Christmases with the grandparents and we barely had to travel anywhere this year, which was weird. We were able to still carry on with some of our Christmas traditions of seeing the lights, visiting Lambeau field, and seeing Santa.

Our News Year’s celebration this year was sledding at Grandpa Dave’s during the day and we were sleeping by 930 at night! Happy New Year! This was the first time since Nick and I have been together that we didn’t make it to midnight. Cheers!

2021 is showing to fly by just as fast as every other year. Maddox had his quarterly CF appointment and weight gain is still our biggest struggle. Trikafta’s application for Maddox’s age group has been sent to the FDA for further review with a hopeful release date for June of 2021, which will be right around Maddox’s 6 year old birthday. We’ve been passing the time here in WI sled riding as much as we can. Cheers to what 2021 has in store for the Ruh household.

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