Weeks 8 -13

The weeks 8 to 13 definitely started to wear on us as a family as we were missing our family and friends. We missed having a sense of normal and we started to adventure out of our house a bit more as the weeks moved on. Maddox and I went to a local hardware store to see if we could find some flowers and garden decor. Even Blue Bear has a mask 🙂

One of the things we did as part of the lock down, we did the drive through event at Mulberry Lane farm, our favorite place, where we could see all the baby animals from the car. It was not the same, but we were able to see all the babies. Then, we ended up finding a big boy bike for Maddox. We also became adventurers at the local parks, looking for birds and ducks with our binoculars. At one point in the lockdown, I needed to get out of the house and we ended up buying a fish tank and Hank, our beta fish.

Just recently, our favorite farm opened up back to the public and we have been able to stop out twice to see the baby bunnies and his favorite, the goats. Of course keeping our distance from everyone and their germs. We used a ton of hand sanitizer before Covid, now I feel we are using triple the amount.

One hobby that we are exploring more is fishing. Maddox got his own tackle box and we have been all over the place trying to catch a fish; Calumet County Park, Sheboygan river in Kiel with Grandma and Grandpa and then we finally scored in Sherwood!

In the midst of everything going on, Maddox still had 4k school work that we tried to keep up with. At the end of the year, Maddox graduated from 4k and is moving on to Kindergarten next year! (Growing up so fast!) After graduating from 4k, we made the decision for Maddox to go back to daycare to have a slice of normal. We still are not attending any events in the Fox Valley (Timber Rattlers, local parades, etc.) as everything has been cancelled but by going to daycare, we have a slice of normal routine back in our life styles.

During our “Safer at Home” we missed our family and friends so much and there a balancing act of risking spreading the virus and your mental sanity. I must say, we are so grateful to be back hanging out with our friends and sleep overs at the grandparents again 🙂

As far as CF goes, this has been the healthiest that Maddox has been in a long time. A chance for his body to heal and rest from everything he’s been fighting off and to prep for what’s to come. Our next CF appointment is in July so we’ll have more of an update on Trikafta and more tests for little dude to ensure he’s staying healthy.

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