Welcome to Week 7 – Covid 19

Welcome to week 7 where everything is made up and the points don’t matter. Ha! This is about how I feel right now. We haven’t completely lost touch with the outer world but we are getting pretty close. I haven’t stepped a foot into Target since March 13th! (But the delivery drivers know us by first name now).

Maddox sleeps in, we get up and have a relaxing breakfast together. We watch Peppa Pig (I’m so done with the pig), we do his vest, we try to do some homework, I begrudgingly play super heroes, star wars, power rangers, legos, TNMT, or whatever boy game he wants to play (why does everything have to fight each other, can’t we all just get along?). We go outside for a bit, make some lunch, dad comes home and I crush out as much work as I can until either I’m starving or need to punch out for the night. We eat dinner, we Facetime with one of our grandparents, do our vest, read a book, watch a few videos of Dude Perfect and then pass out.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how we are surviving this thing!

Seriously, its not glamorous but I am grateful that we are all healthy and that’s all that matters. And to be honest, this is the longest stretch that Maddox has been healthy – no colds, strep, ear infection, sinus infections – nothing! It makes me happy that we can give his immune system a rest but sad that he was that sick around all his little friends/in school all the time. Just a harsh reality I guess.

Reflecting back on everything so far, I don’t feel that we are really sick of each other. I can tell that he is getting used to the routine that we have and the talk of his friends is becoming quieter (except for Ollie). He fights me on the homework which now I need to be even more creative to build the excitement to get it done. And we aren’t getting everything done but we are trying the best that we can. My attention span sucks during this time so I don’t push a 4 year old’s as they are struggling just as much as we are, they can’t explain it very well to us. He is learning how to play more independently where in the past, he always had a fellow classmate to play with.

He is learning the value of doing chores. We now have a thermometer chart that when he gets his chores done, he is earning towards his next big toy. The first one he earned was a power ranger robot thinger and the next one on the radar are Legos (boy toys). The chores are starting to ramp up that besides just feeding Lexi, we are now helping wash windows, helping clean the oven (no chemicals were used in the cleaning of our oven), watering the garden, and putting all his own clothes away. We told him that we need to work to keep the lights on in the house and to buy the few cool things and that if he wants them, he needs to work for them too. Just like any kid, he’s excited in the beginning and learning that work is no fun ;).

This past weekend, we did a few normal feeling things; Friday night I had a virtual girls night and had a few beverages. Saturday we had a fun breakfast and then Nick and I went out to the garage to do some deeper cleaning while Maddox had time to himself. Sunday was a beautiful day and we ended finding a wildlife reserve 20 minutes from our house and I saw my first live snake (and then we saw two way bigger than grass snakes, they were huge). Our neighborhood got together for a quick yard game (socially distanced of course) as we were able to enjoy each other’s company. We then had ice cream (socially distanced)with Ollie and family. It was so nice to be able to sit in the driveway with our friends again, like there wasn’t a 6 ft restrictions and interact person to person and not through the screen (don’t get me wrong – I appreciate the technology).

Everyone is starting to be on edge and the Safer At Home restrictions are starting to lessen. I’m still a nervous wreck as people can still catch this virus yet. We still are not immune to it and it just scares me – what if Maddox would get this. The CF community has been great sharing stories of CF’ers that did contract it, what it felt like, their treatments and their outcomes which have been pretty positive so far. Will we be able to see Fang/Wiffer yet this summer? Will Maddox have a normal birthday party? Can we even go on the family trip we wanted to this summer? When will we know as parents that it’s safe for Maddox to go back to daycare to see his friends? I’m hoping that we have a sign along the way to calm our fears and that we can trust the choices we have made and will need to make as the next few weeks unfold in front of us.

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