Keeping Active

One of the things we are trying really hard with Maddox is to keep him as active as he can. Its part of the studies, the more CFers keep working out and keeping the blood pumping, the better their lung function is. With that being said, we enrolled into Flag Football and so started our Chapter of chaotic Saturday morning adventures. This flag football season I would say was interesting as one weekend it was super warm and then it was super cold, windy and rainy/snowing. It’s interesting as we played flag football in our front yard all summer and Maddox loved it. When he started playing with the team, he hated that everyone was chasing him to get his flag. Within the league we signed up for, every player on the team has to play at least every position once during a game. This meant that he had to be a running back. He would get the ball, the other players would chase him and his flags were pulled. He would just stop in the middle of the field and cry. He didn’t want to play anymore for the rest of the game. Coach Buddy (and daddy) would coax him every week to just give it a try and he only had to run it once. Coach Buddy even stated that he would be out there with him to help him avoid having his flags pulled. By the end of the season, the last game and one of the last plays – Maddox had the ball and ran in the correct direction (with Coach’s guidance) and actually had a pretty good amount of yards. His flags were pulled but he got right back up and had a huge smile on his face. It’s fun to watch your kid make such much progress and gain confidence in themselves. I’m hoping he’ll be interested in playing Spring Flag football.

Once flag football was over, next we enrolled into Sports Sampler. Every week he would play a new sport to keep him up and moving. Most of the sports he already knew but it was fun to learn with new friends. We actually had to tell Maddox to tone it back as he was throwing the ball too hard at his fellow classmates. Then the scooters? All I could think of when I was a kid and we would roll over our own fingers. But, these new scooters have handles! No pinched fingers here!

One of the down sides of living in WI is that it gets cold and dark, which means we are not outside nearly as much. Thankfully, we did have one good snow fall so far that we were able to go sledding quickly. He insisted that he wanted to carry his own tube up the hill a couple of times. I know my lungs got a work out pulling him up the hill, so I know he did too. 🙂 One sport I think he has a true knack for is bowling, whether its bowling on the big alley, mini bowling or Wii bowling, he seems to really enjoy it and is pretty good at it too. It’s a non contact sport which makes me a bit less stressed. Maybe he’ll be the one to bring it into the spot light. Next sport we are taking on after the holidays is basketball! We’ll see how well he shares the ball during a game.

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