Taking a Moment to Catch Up

“It is impossible for me to remember how many days or weeks went by in this way. Time is round, and it rolls quickly.”  Nikos Kazantzakis

It’s that time again for our quarterly CF doctor appointment. I logged onto my blog tonight and noticed that the last blog I had on here was our last quarterly check up. Life has been busy and so much has happened that I am excited to share! Grab a cup of coffee or your comfy blankie join in our latest episodes of our life.

Ok, last time I checked in was in September for his CF quarterly check up. Since then we were able to enjoy fall festivities. Maddox had his first field trip with his 4k Class and I was able to be a chaperone. During the field trip we were able to learn about different kinds of apples. Maddox kept picking apples from the trees and eating them instead of picking them and keeping them for home. Then a few weeks later we had a fall festival at his 4k school where we were able to catch up with his 4k Teachers. I only had two questions for them and the first one was, how is he doing with his enzymes for you guys. Mrs. Branta is the one that administers them every day and she said she struggled in the beginning of the school year, but she has it down pat now. The other question was how he was doing in class and they responded he is doing awesome and reminded us that we have 4k Parent Teacher conferences coming up (I’ll have another blog post for that). Throughout the rest of the fall season, we were able to visit a few other farms in the area to see the animals before winter and then pick our pumpkins for carving.

I will say that the last 3 months haven’t always been as easy as it sounds as Maddox has been sick. Right before Thanksgiving, he started to have a goopy eye that would come and go. He was becoming congested in his sinuses again. He tried to muscle through it but school called as a proactive measure that one day one of his flares up was enough to call mom. I ended up calling Dr Henry’s office and they had us in the same day. Dr appt = Sinus infection. Before we left the office, CVS was texting me that his antibiotic was ready for pick up, which meant we had to head to Target (darn). He was on meds throughout Thanksgiving and we thought we had it kicked but a few days before his CF appointment, it was back again (more to come on that appointment).

A few days before Thanksgiving, I got the reminder email from Billie that we were due for our quarterly check up with the CF Team. This is the one appointment I dread all year. I personally hate having my blood drawn (I haven’t met a person that does) and it’s even more painful when you have to hold your child down so they can complete it. Then we have to have an x ray besides our normal CF appointment. Its always such a long appointment and knowing that, it’s just not fun. I called Billie and we got to talking to see if Dr Henry’s office could compete anything to speed up our time at the CF office and try to eliminate extra stress of the appointment. I called over to that office. They said it was no problem and we had the blood draw and xrays scheduled for the day after Thanksgiving. I can tell you that we will probably do this set up again every year as their team is used to working with kids every day. Don’t get me wrong the blood draw still sucked but we were in and out in a fraction of the time we normally are at the CF appointment. The entire week of the blood draw, daddy was up north hunting, so as Maddox and I were driving to school we would talk about our schedule for the week. We talked about the poke he had to have on that Friday. We talked about the entire process and that it would hurt, but as long as he stayed still as long as he could it would be so much faster. We got the doctor office and he was ready (as much as a 4 yr old can be). He did awesome sitting on the bench but for kids his age, they still have them lay down and he absolute hates it. As soon as they were half way down and he wasn’t moving as much, we loosened our grip and talked about quick it was going and how awesome he did. And then it was over and we could all breathe again.

As he was having his chest x ray, he was such a champ and did it himself that neither Nick or I had to stand with him. Even Blue Bear has his own xray vest. So, one thing of not standing next to Maddox means that you get to stand where the tech is standing, which means that I got to see his xrays. I get that they can’t say anything due to liability, but I still asked if they could tell me anything on it. (His xray looked good to me but they didn’t say anything). Once that was done we were back to shopping and getting dinner. Now it’s a waiting game until we get the results and to the December CF Appointment.

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