CF Awareness Events

As mentioned in one of my earlier posts, we discussed of all the different CF Awareness events we had planned for the summer. We started the busy chaos off with Charlie’s Drive-In in Hortonville. We had a chance to meet with Carl and Rachel and we discussed different options during their Elvis days in August. Elvis Days is where the Drive-In goes back in the day – everyone brings their cars, listens to music, enjoys everyone’s company, and eat some homey food. Maddox, Ollie, Jena, Madi, Matt, Lisa, Sam and my dad had a chance to represent Team Maddox at the event. The Fox Valley Ford and Mustang group was there in support as well. The event was truly advertised as an Awareness event where I was able to meet with a few individuals to share what CF is. At the end of the day, $100 was raised for Team Maddox.

Met Elvis!

Next event was the Community event at the Timber Rattlers game. Here we had a table right as everyone walks in and we were able to hand out anything we wanted. I ended up finding Pinwheels for super cheap, paper straws and I created business cards with information to be attached. Maddox and Jena handed out Pinwheels to everyone while I had some older kids taking the Straw Challenge. We were not set up for very long but we did get a chance to connect with many people and share what CF is.

Then, partnership with Buffalo Wild Wings; both Appleton locations, Manitowoc and Sheboygan. On a Friday night it was super busy and the poor waiter we had was having a rough night, but we were able to enjoy some great food and we raised over $125. I have been in contact with the Team at Texas Roadhouse and we will be having our gift card drive in October again. Thank you to everyone that supported our efforts this Summer and stay tuned for more adventures!

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