My Super Hero

One of the days during summer, my Facebook news feed suddenly blew up with something I was tagged in, “Tiny SuperHeroes”. I didn’t know anything about it, I had never heard of it and to be honest I didn’t even get a chance to research it. A few days later, I get a message from Grandma Ruh – Maddox’s cape came in. My response was, “Huh? show me” and this is what I get back :). “Ok – enlighten me” and she sends me the information.

Tiny Super Heroes is a squad with a mission that every child that is going through rough times in life can get their cape to feel like the Super Hero that they are. The capes and stories are special, unique and homemade. Through the love of our family and friends, Maddox’s cape was sponsored and ordered for him.

The program has a mascot, Patches, and they have patches that the kids can earn to add more to their cape. These missions were intended to keep kids engaged and light hearted throughout their tough times. We completed one mission so far and we celebrated our TinySuperHero birthday, so we have two patches already. When I emailed over to TinySuperHeroes to ask more about Maddox’s profile and through our family & friends, not only did Maddox get his cape we sponsored another 6 other TinySuperHeros. A huge shout out to Team Maddox and the support you have shown through this program to help support their mission. You guys rock!

For more information on TinySuperHeros – hop on their site:

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