Parent – Teacher Conferences

Yep! You read that right! Our little man had Parent Teacher conferences this week. Nick’s first thought is what are they going to chat about? He’s 3. Well, we were pleasantly surprised on how much we could talk about. It was pretty cool to see how much he has grown and what we can work on moving forward.

A little back story – Maddox has been going to the same school (daycare) since he was 12 weeks old. When we were pregnant we went and toured a bunch of different places in the Fox Valley, fell in love it and we had him signed up weeks before he was born. The teachers are/were awesome and it’s accredited which means that they have a curriculum. While I was on leave from work Maddox and I visited school a couple of times so we could understand the processes and expectations. Once my leave was up, we transitioned to have our little man go to school (which is pretty cool he goes to school and not daycare) and it’s been a fun whirl wind since. His teachers have become our friends; when he was a baby and even now everyone was in tune with him and CF. I would get messages and calls that he was coughing more, he wasn’t eating enough, needing extra hugs, taking longer naps, and helped have his enzymes. By having this as a daily thing for everyone in his class it’s no big deal and doesn’t singled him out as different. They truly have him in their best interests which is why we still make the extra trip every morning to his school even though its out of our way/school district – we couldn’t think of taking him anywhere else. There is so much trust here!

Ok – back to the Parent Teacher conferences. This is priceless as we sit in their little chairs at their table in his classroom, just like in the movies! 🙂

Then we were presented with everything they were working on in school. I’m so glad that we had this as when we ask Maddox what he learned in school for the day, we get the ‘nothing’ or we played outside. So now we know just how much he knows; he can pick out all the letters and numbers, knows biggest to smallest, matching colors, traces, and so much more. We knew he was a smart little guy as we work on this at home a lot, actually seeing his ‘homework’ was pretty cool.

Brooke and Maria commented that he is doing so well in school and is hitting all expectations for someone of his age. They really didn’t have any concerns or any major action items to work on. We did tell them that we are enrolled for 4K and they said, ‘o yea, he’s ready but we don’t want him to leave’. Here’s why for the comment. It’s because he will be going to the 4K center in Kimberly, which means that we have to transition him to another school(daycare) that is in our school district that can drive him to and from school as 4K is only half days. Our current school/daycare is in the Appleton school district. It’s a bittersweet moment as he is doing so well, knows everyone in school (and their parents), and is comfortable. Now we are facing the next steps of huge change of schools. I’m sure he’ll be fine – it’s me that has the anxiety and concern over the change. I’m comfortable and happy with my little guy, where he is and I know what to expect with his teachers. 4K is a big step for this mommy!

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