CF is Gaining Momentum

It’s amazing that in just 3.5 years ago, I really didn’t know anything about CF. I heard of it in passing, couldn’t pronounce the name and didn’t know anyone with it. Now, when something is handed to you as a challenge, you jump in all hands on deck to learn everything about it. Now that we know what it is, it’s amazing how much you then learn and hear about it even more. Just like when you buy a new car – you suddenly became aware of how many other people are driving a car just like yours. In this blog post I will just quickly show how much social media attention that CF is starting to have and we need to keep the momentum up!

Anyone watch the bachelor at all? Well, I don’t but I am part of CF Mama’s on Facebook and it was a huge discussion point that Colton Underwood talked about it while he was on the show. It was big enough that he created a foundation to help support research for CF. Check it out here. . I’m curious of how the wine tastes 🙂

If you watch The Resident, CF was aired on an episode called, Virtually Impossible – Season 2 Episode 13 talking about a patient that has CF and going through the discussions of potential transplants and all the obstacles that go along with it.

Next is Five Feet Apart, a movie and book that talks about a pair of teenagers that both have CF and fall in love. It’s actually showing as we speak in the cinemas. It’s interesting follow the Facebook group sites and everyone’s feedback that some CF mamas loved the movie (even though there were parts that were enhanced for ratings) and that CF mamas stayed as far away as they could as not to be reminded of the disease all over again. Some went to the movie in big groups and loved the book and others didn’t. Did you read the book or watch the movie at all? Curious of your thoughts!

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