Surviving the Polar Vortex

Well, we survived (granted its still -11 while I am typing this post) but I feel like that’s nothing compared to the -20 with the dangerous wind chills that we had earlier in the week. We are expecting to be in the high 30s this coming weekend. I had a mommy moment on Tuesday night that I really didn’t want to risk taking Maddox out in the cold to get him to ‘school’ (daycare) on Wednesday so Maddox and I had a snow day this week.

So, here I am thinking that maybe we can sleep in until 7:45 – 8 so I can catch some extra sleep before I log in to check emails. Ha! Boy was I wrong: 6:00am I hear the little footsteps across the house and him jumping into the bed with us. Alright, I guess our day is starting early. We grab some breakfast with dad before he leaves for work and Maddox helped daddy get ready. Once daddy closes the door, its a mommy and me day. I had a few phone calls and emails that I had to catch up on so my assistant got to work and the rest of the day was a blur from keeping an eye on work and hanging out with him. I had the pleasure of having 101 Dalmatians play three times as background noise and then we switched to the Paw Patrol movie a couple of times too. Thank goodness Paw Patrol saved Christmas again.

After we ate some lunch, he wanted to head to the basement and I told him that he couldn’t wear shorts and his t-shirt. (He went through about 5 outfit changes throughout the day). So, he found some comfy clothes. This is what I found when he turned the corner and to be honest, I was kind of jealous for a split second as I’m sure he was super warm in it as it was a bit chilly in the house.

Throughout the afternoon the birds were going crazy at the bird feeders we have in the back yard so we talked about mommy favorite bird, the Cardinal. So every time one would fly up, he would let me know so I could take a picture. I quickly realized two things 1) My windows are really dirty and 2) we had a ton of condensation on our window panes. We learned about the different kinds of birds we had at the window and it got to the point that I found one of my old ‘Point and shoot’ cameras that Maddox could start taking his own pictures. We had to take Daddy’s picture when he got home “Say cheese daddy”.

After getting our vest done and putting a warm blanket on as a cape, he passed out super early, like 7:30pm which is really unusual for him as he’s usually still rocking until 8:30 at least. I’m really glad that we were able to hang out together. Normally when he’s home from school, he’s usually sick so it was fun to be able to just hang out. We survived the Polar Vortex! Now, I can’t wait until we can get outside to play in all this snow we have!

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