Teaching Life Lessons

Today on my Facebook newsfeed I saw a post that caught my eye, a plea from a mommy asking for help finding a lost stuffed animal or helping find a replacement for her little one. My heart went out immediately as I know how devastated Maddox would be if he ever lost Blue Bear. But something about this post that also caught my eye that we had two of the little animal that her little one lost. Seriously, what are the odds?

I saw the post and at lunch today, I asked Maddox if he wanted to help someone that he never met. He asked why and I explained to him that there was some out there that was missing their monkey and they felt scared without it. I asked him how scared he would be without blue bear and it clicked. I told him that we had this monkey at home and that he had two of them. I then asked if he would be ok to share one of them with this person he didn’t know. He hesitated. I told him that we would go home and find the two monkeys and that we could part with one of them to make this other person feel better and he agreed. I sent a message to the mommy stating that we were going to go home to look and to stay tuned.

We get home and low and behold that we have two of the monkeys and Maddox said that he wanted to help. I sent a message to the mommy that we had an extra one and that we are were ok to share. She quickly responded, ‘are you sure? won’t he miss it? How much do you want for it?’ I replied that we actually have 2 of these monkeys and about 5 million other stuffed animals that he would be ok with this one to share and that we are working on a life lesson. She was so appreciative and messaged that she would be around in the afternoon to pick it up.

10 minutes before this mommy arrived I told Maddox that they were on their way. Maddox asked if he could hand it over to them and I said ‘of course’. He gave it one more big hug and a quick kiss and put in on the ledge for the next family. She pulls into the drive and here is the moment of truth, will he hand it over or will he back pedal. Remy starts barking like crazy and I quickly have him move out of the door and in walks mommy. Maddox grabs the monkey with a big smile on his face and said, ‘here you go!’ and hands it over without hesitation. This mommy came prepared and had a present for Maddox. She handed over a cool counting book and Maddox had a big smile on his face and said thank you. Mommy and I made quick eye contact, she had a tear in her eye and we parted ways.

Just the small simple things in life make such a huge difference for everyone. It was a monkey that Maddox did take to bed with him once in a while, but it wasn’t his favorite. Now, it is in his new home helping a little one not be so scared anymore. I don’t think Maddox really gets what he did today, the huge impact for that other little child, but by giving a gift to another person without really batting an eye lash is a huge step. Definitely a proud mommy moment for me. #myhero

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