Mommy and Me Time

One of the unofficial holidays of Wisconsin, (but it might well as be)Gun Hunting season.  The weekend before Thanksgiving,  the hunters head to their cabins, campers, or houses and set up their deer camp.  Early Saturday morning, blaze orange is put on, the guns are loaded and the hunters head out to their stands and wait for the deer to come across their path. It’s cold, the squirrels are making noise, the turkeys land on top of the stand, the rustle of leaves, the gentle touch of snow falling as you embrace nature in all it’s peaceful glory. It’s quiet and peaceful. Then there are the hunter’s widow, where it’s anything but peaceful! When you are at our Household, then it’s Mommy and Me time; where we go shopping, play games, read books, go out to eat, play football, and hang out. 

This year had all intentions to be the same with a twist, you can never be to boring, right? Friday night Maddox and I got the house cleaned up and the fall decorations put away. Then we played some basketball and baseball in the house. Saturday morning we went to a craft fair and a few shops. One of the shops we went to had a live musician and Maddox was hooked and dancing along. She even grabbed a maraca so that Maddox could play music with her.

We came to unload the car and then it happened, the shriek from the bathroom of Maddox in pure pain. Poor kid bent over to take care things on the potty and his ear popped. Of course, it took  some mommy hugs to get him calmed down enough for him to tell me what happened.  After getting him packed back up, we headed to the urgent care to confirm an ear infection and another trip back to Target to get his meds.  It’s a good and bad thing when the Pharmacist recognizes your child and asks if he’s ok. She looked up his account and did an inventory on the rest of the meds that he has to make sure we were all good. 

As a child that had ear infections growing up, I remember how terrible the meds taste and how many years later, the taste hasn’t changed. Maddox wanted nothing to do with it. I can’t blame the kid as he has had so many different meds for everything else. Saturday night we got to hang out, read a few books and get a round of meds in. Sunday morning, Jena stopped over and did more shopping and then mommy got to take a nap. Sunday night we hung out again and played Lincoln logs and then Maddox found our Buck Hunter gun. Hey, why not start them young! So we played Buck Hunter on the Wii for a few hours, just like daddy and Grandpa were doing only we were in our comfy PJs nice and warm.  After playing buck hunter we made some sugar cookies and turned on the Christmas music. 

After reading some more books and heading to bed, the weekend was over and back to school on Monday. Monday night we were back to full steam again of running, laughing and giggling again.  Also, Remy wanted to play! It’s the first time since Maddox has been born that Remy showed any energy and excitement- poor pup has this horrible cough, had a sore tail/back and all kinds of issues. By wanting to play tug of war and fetch was awesome to see him being playful again. Just like that, another Opening weekend is in the books! Cheers!

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