Time to Unplug and Recharge the Batteries

Fortunately/unfortunately summer is over. The days are getting shorter, the air is colder, and leaves are turning colors from green to yellow, red, brown and orange. Football season is in full swing and the retail stores are jumping holiday sales. The hustle and bustle of the Summer of 2018 is becoming a memory as we gear up for the next season. Throughout the transition of seasons, we decided as a family to take a break from reality and head for a mini weekend away.

Last week, I had a chance to venture down to Wisconsin Dells for the annual HR conference of talking with vendors, meeting fellow HR professionals and listening to motivational speakers to recharge the batteries as a person and a professional. The stories we heard were funny, inspirational and heart wrenching of why we do what we do in HR. As the conference came to a close, the start of our weekend begin!

We started out with a little man that was tired and a bit cranky. We went to the resorts lazy river and quickly realized that the water was ice cold (even Nick thought the water was cold) >bummer<.  We ended up leaving for dinner to Moose Jaw for their pizza. 🙂

After a full belly, we headed back to the room to rock out our vest treatment, CF doesn’t take a vacation. 20181012_2013032169970888419949761.jpg

We crashed for a restless night and woke up to a refreshed day. We packed up and headed to a few state parks in the area so we could enjoy the last few days of fresh air and to look at all the leaves! Then Mr Maddox took a nap in the car so we ended up driving around the dells looking for more colors that I could photograph!

The executive decision was made and we transitioned to a new resort that had warmer waters and the rest of the weekend flew by as Maddox loved to sit in his green inner tube in the lazy river and watch the bucket fill up with water before it would dump out. We filled up on Frozen yogurt a couple of times and completely disconnected from our world for a few hours. I don’t think as a parent that takes your child on vacation with you that you really have a chance to completely disengage as you still have to parent, but it was awesome just to get away for the weekend.



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