Practice Makes Perfect

Ok, blow out the candles and make a wish! Here is a pinwheel, blow on it to make it go. Here is a red balloon, try to blow it up! Hey we just found arm floaties for the pool, see how full you can get them. Maddox, do you remember the yellow balloons from Packer family night, can you try blowing this one back up? (I’m hoping you are seeing a trend of lung exercises.)

One of the tests that Maddox has in his future is PFTs  or Pulmonary Function Test. This test is basically like a breathalyzer. You plug your nose and blow as long and as hard as you can. In Maddox’s CF case, it measures lung capacity, health and strength. Height, weight and a few other variables are added and the machine will be calibrated to measure his lungs specifically. These will become tests of anxiety and hope. The test will also give us a baseline of where his lungs are and we will continue to strive to keep them healthy and strong as we will be measuring throughout his life to ensure we are staying in the right direction. If we need a detour, then we can be given medication and this test will help us see if his lungs are adjusting to the medication or if we need to adjust our approach.

They haven’t told us in the CF visits of what age they typically start these tests, but Laura has told us to start working on these exercises so that he will have the strength and understanding of what is being asked when that time comes. I grasp to the fact that with during all the check ups, well visits and sick visits that we are told that his lungs sound clear. So bring on my floaties, balloons and drop to the floor tempter tantrums – let’s keep those lungs strong! (I’m ready to be over the crying that the crayon is to dark and that there are not enough sprinkles on his doughnut) 🙂


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