Its all in the numbers..

I feel that we are living our lives according to numbers. Numbers generally are not always bad and they are not always good. It depends on how you look at the numbers. My professor in my MBA stats class cringed at our response to his question, “What happens if the numbers don’t come out as you were hoping?” When we said manipulate it, I pretty sure he wanted to walk out- guessing that was not the right answer. Numbers are all in perception so let’s look at our recent numbers.

In late August we had Maddox’s 3 year old check up with his doctor. First number is that all 3 years, we were able to get him the Flu shot right away in the fall. It’s crazy to think of the flu that early in the year, but he has a few more months to build immunity before the season hits. For the record- he still hates shots.

Next numbers 9% and 16%, not very good numbers when you are looking at 100% as excellent, but these are the numbers we are working with. Maddox is in the 9th percentile for his age bracket for weight. Man, with how much this kid eats we still are fighting this ever lasting battle. However, the doc showed up the growth curve for kids his age and there is a HUGE dip for all kids, not just him. She stated that these next few years are the biggest growth spurt years so they burn more than what they can keep. Hm, that makes sense – growth spurts usually mean sore bones and can equate to more crabbiness.

The 16%, the height for his age. Thankfully, he is a bit higher in this age bracket as being the little kid in school is tough. This is so interesting watching him grow up as he is starting to wear 4T shirts but is in 2T shorts yet, but 3T pajama pants. In the beginning of summer he was given a pair of flip flops that were huge on him. Now, his feet are getting to be to big for them! Awesome – keep growing kid!

Ok, here’s our next number; 15+. This is the number of bears he has in his bed with him every single night. Every single one of them has a name and this kid is so smart that he knows when one is missing. If you’re interested, I can add a picture of all his friends ;).

Next number is 7. This number is how many minutes that Maddox and I have with each other before he crashes for the night. We get him tucked in to bed, find all his friends and then him and I chat for 10 minutes about the day. We find a cool event that happened in the day and talk about areas that we can improve, like not throwing the big footballs in the house anymore but can use the couch for his Lambeau leaps.

Next number is 2(ish), the number of nights that Maddox has had an accident in his boxers at night. Otherwise, potty training has been checked off the milestone checklist. It’s been months since I had to go down the diaper aisle. I have to admit, it’s been nice not having to change diapers.

Next number is 5: the number of times that Maddox has been to Lambeau field this year; between the Shareholders night, Packer Experience, Packer Family night and other family trips, this kid knows Lambeau field and when we say we are going to Green Bay, his face lights up and says to Lambeau? We usually have to at least drive by or stop to see what’s going on. 🙂 My little Packer Fan; he was so pumped to watch them run out of the tunnel during the last preseason game, I’m so excited for the real season now for him as now it’s game time.

Next number is 45; at least 45 minutes a day we are rocking out his vest treatments. We’ve been trying to keep him occupied to do these treatments. Knock on wood, we’ve been pretty good once we turn on Blippi. I’m so glad Maddox fell in love with his new Halloween song that he plays at least 3 or 4 times each vest treatment.

More numbers; on our Blog post for his birthday we had over 310 views. Thank you for stopping in and reading our post. Last number – we are up to 241 followers on Maddox’s Facebook Page.

Thank you everyone for following along with our story!


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