Celebrating a Milestone

Happy Birthday Dear Maddox, Happy Birthday to you!
How old are you Maddox? “Free” he answers with the biggest smile on his face as he struggles to hold up three fingers on his little hand! The memories that he may or may not remember when he gets older, but don’t worry – mom has plenty of pictures to capture the moments.

Here is his birthday week; Wednesday night we headed to Build a Bear where you pay your age. Perfect, we can walk in and get our $3.00 bear. Who was I kidding?! The bear is $3, but when you have a store strategically set up to entice little kids (seriously, all the shelves are his height) you aren’t walking out with a $3 bear, you are walking out with a $30 purchase. O well. Meet our newest addition, Packer the Bear.

Thursday – Happy Birthday Maddox! The house was decorated in Paw Patrol, had cupcakes and watched the Packers kick butt!

Friday, it was a Maddox and mommy day! We started off by stopping in by daddy at work to say hi. I have never seen Maddox as shy as he was that morning. We walked in the front door and all the office ladies met us at the door and started singing Happy Birthday. Maddox and his shy face into my neck until one of the guys walked by and had no issue talking up a storm then! Guy safety talk.  After we stopped in by daddy, we headed to a local farm where Maddox was in heaven. We watched a plane crop dust the pumpkins, he rode a horse, pet all the baby goats and got to pet a cow, ‘Cookie’.  It got super hot and muggy that we skipped the picnic lunch I packed and went for ice cream instead. Fair trade. 🙂 Little guy was so tired out, he passed out on the car ride home.

Saturday was birthday party day! We packed up the car and headed to the baseball game. In true WI fashion, we tailgated in the parking lot then whisked Maddox inside so he could partake in his bday festivities – throwing out the first pitch, standing by Fang for the National Anthem and high five the players running onto the field. He rocked it! No fear! To be that young and not have a concern of; what if I miss, what if I trip, what if, what if.. nothing! He walked up, smiled and threw it! #myhero For the rest of the night we watched the game, ate more food and had fun with everyone that joined us! It was a perfect night – weather wise and event wise.

We truly are blessed as he was able to enjoy this event in his life and not have a care in the world. We are hopeful that the rest of his birthdays will continue to be this fun and exciting! (we even spotted Team Maddox Shirts in the crowd:).

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