It started off so good too..

Every 6 months, Maddox and I make the trip to the chair. The chair that everyone knows they need to sit in and have anxiety before they get there. Well, at least I do. It’s not my favorite place as there are other places in the world I would rather be, just not the dentist chair. Today was Maddox’s fourth time there. Crazy, Right?

Why do we take him, he’s only 2. Well, because it’s the right thing to do since he has a mouth full of teeth already, 20 to be exact. Another reason we go is that the nebulizing treatments that he has, can weaken his teeth. Since we are doing these treatments every night, we are more prone to having issues in the future. So, we are trying to be as proactive as we can be. Still doesn’t mean I am excited to go there. Worst is now I need to put my ‘mom shows no fear’ face and smile when we get there. 😁

Here’s the adventure for today. I pick him up from school and we are all excited until I mention we are heading to the dentist. Instant screaming and tears. Awesome. (This is going to be a challenge to do a 180 mental flip in 10 minutes) I mention that if he doesn’t cry, he’ll get a big present and we talked about a bigger nerf guns and he’s back to smiles. We pull up and told him that he behaves and listens there is no pain today. Pretty cut and dry and ‘be brave, we’ve got this buddy’.

We go back to Dr Callie right away. She’s awesome, pulls her mom card out and we rock through the first 3 things to only have the fluoride paste left. Looks just like a paint brush and he was good with it until he tasted the raspberry flavor and OMG. He lost his cool. (Really? >agh<) Kicking and screaming = complete meltdown. The kind of tantrum you see in grocery stores. After a few minutes, we talk him into a new flavor and we try grape. Kallie morphs into her ninja skills and gets all but 2 teeth.

Somehow we get the last two teeth and he finally comes down from his tantrum. She mentioned that things look great and that we are doing a great job with what we are doing from when he actually let her brush and floss his teeth.

As we are standing at the counter to schedule our next appointment, one of the techs comes over and said that Maddox has quite the set of lungs as everyone was able to hear his excitement in the office. Crap, one of those mommy moments. But hey, we’re working his lungs as a mini respiratory treatments. We thanked them for today and we bolted out the door. He’s in the clear for now. In January, he’ll actually sit in Wendy’s, the hygienist, chair vs hanging out with the Dr. That should be interesting to get him to sit still for that.


They sure are handy when you Smile. So keep your teeth around for a while! – Dr. Seuss.


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