When you gotta go, you gotta go

I have had a few people ask how is potty training going? My response, well  – it’s going! The last time I have spent this much time in our bathroom was when we were 21 and closing down the bars. I can say, we have a pretty clean bathroom now from me re-organizing it and cleaning up accidents.  All part of the fun.

Today’s update, we got up and went on the potty and put on his new boxers. We made it on the drive to school and had an awesome day at school of going on the potty and kept dry until about 8pm tonight. Not to shabby for a full day in boxers. Yes, boxers. We found these little guys at Target and I think they are so cool. We bought them and showed them to Maddox on Sunday night. I pulled a pair of Nick’s (clean) pairs and said, ‘Ok buddy, here is Daddy’s boxers and here are yours’. He was ecstatic! Just like Daddy!


Here’s my take on potty training Maddox as of today. He gets it. We’ll be sitting at the table and he will stop mid sentence that he has to go potty, will get down and we are on the move! Once he’s done, he gets a present (please don’t judge, it’s working). Usually the presents can help us with vest treatments like; darts, coloring books, flash cards, some sort of candy and anything Paw Patrol.  However, if he does have an accident, I truly believe that he forgets he’s in his boxers and is so busy playing that it happens. We’re all human.

On our drive to school on Tuesday, Maddox and I had another heart to heart chat. This time it was about his new present he wanted to show Ms Brooke from going on the potty. Then he asked if I get presents every time I go on the potty. I replied that I don’t as I am grown up and that’s part of being an adult. I’m pretty sure I heard the light bulb in his head as he replied, ‘mom I don’t want to grow up, I want to keep getting presents’. >palm to forehead< . Dang it, wrong answer.  I then had to explain to him that once he’s done with presents for the potty, there will be something new that he will have to do to get presents, like learning how to ride your bike (panic moment reply) and other things. I told him that his job right now is to keep going on the potty and not to worry about the presents. I think I was able to pass by as he did so good today at school.

So here is my new worry/concern about this potty training thing. In the past we could just plop him in the car seat and away we went. Up to Green Bay or over to the mall shopping and we never had to stop! Now I envision that we will need to add an extra 20 minutes to our adventures. I get it now why mom’s have those moments that they are always late. It’s not them as they have everything packed up and ready to go, it’s the little shadows trying to learn how to do this potty training thing. I’m sure we’re going to have those moments where we are going to have to stop at sketchy gas stations so he can go potty (or find a tree;) he is a boy after all).  The UAV already has about 3 sets of new clothes packed and after him puking all over himself once before in a car seat, I have back up plans to have a dry seat for him until we can get home. All part of the fun, right?

So for the summary update, we are not fully potty trained yet but we are making great strides. Its been so nice to cut back on the number of diapers and I have no issue washing these cute little boxers.


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