A Day at the Lake

It’s 90+ degrees outside and the humidity sucks – how do you beat the heat? Visit a lake of course! 4th of July we had a chance to head over to Oma and Opa’s house with our buddy Ollie. Maddox has been hit or miss with swimming in general. We bought a pool this summer and he really didn’t want to go it in. Bob and Kathy have a pool across the street and he gets cold to fast, so heading to a lake is a 50/50 chance that he’ll like it. After watching Trav jump in, he wanted to be in the water right away.

The water is warm and boys floated on the water for hours with us. Travis then asked if he should get out and jump in again and there was Maddox cheering him on. It didn’t take long that Maddox wanted to climb up the ladder himself. In the beginning, Maddox was pretty timid to jumping in. He wanted daddy to pretty much have him hold him as he fell/jumped off the dock. After coaxing and a few jumps along side Trav to Daddy, Maddox started jumping on his own! Then Ollie got in the mix and before you know, they couldn’t climb the ladder fast enough to jump back into the water to daddy. The giggles, the smiles, and their count up to jump in. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,11,4,7 jump!

After hours in the water, we all got out to grab a bite to eat. I remember reading on one of the CF Facebook groups that they mentioned that CF’ers are more pruny after being in the water for long periods of time and actually can be extremely painful. I was interested in a comparison between Maddox and Ollie to see if it’s true. I can kind of see the difference if you look at Maddox’s thumb vs Ollie’s. Weird, right?

So of courses I had to do more research on this. It’s called aquagenic wrinkling. Back in 1974 it was thought to be one of the earlier tests to see if people have CF. It also deals with lack of sodium and with being immersed in water. Sad part is that there is really not much to show for this issue when dealing with CF or at all. When researching wrinkled fingers for non CF’ers, we wrinkle so we are able grip things when in the water (kind of like treads on a tire). Just the little things that we really never think of until you see it or mention it.

After our snack break, we all jumped back into the water just long enough to see the storm roll in and got poured on. After that the boys played some more and we ate a yummy supper. Maddox was sooo tired after his day of jumping that we couldn’t wake him up to do his neb and vest treatment. So you get creative and do a ‘fly by’ treatment. Maybe he had a better treatment as he was breathing nice and deep from so much fun of the day.  Loving Summer.


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