Summer + CF = Challenging Routine

Time flies when you are having fun and when you have kids, its crazy how much faster this goes. Thank goodness for; Popsicles, water balloons, cousin fun, time and priceless memories. I’ll try my best to recap the last week and a half in one blog post as it crazy how much fun has happened.

This past week we were blessed to have our nephews come home from Arkansas for the week. This is the time flying part; Adam is 15 and Sean is 11. I remember when they would come home during the summers and they were in diapers and not talking, then they were Maddox’s age laughing and giggling and now they’re teeanagers; getting their driver’s licenses, and growing up! How did that happen!? Crazy!

Last Sunday, we went back to Grandma/Grandpas house before the heat wave struck. We played water balloons, cut some wood, drove the four wheeler and made s’mores. When packing the UAV, (urban assault vehicle/Traverse) it looked like we were packing for a week long adventure. Opps! One of the things we packed up was his vest. We never know when we are leaving/how long we stay so we take it with us everywhere just in case.

Monday we then packed up and headed to the Dells for an overnight stay with all our cousins. So in one villa we had 6 adults and 6 boys, lots of giggles, tons of food, wrestling and crazy stunts, thankfully – no major injuries. Monday we made a quick lunch and then packed up the whole crew for the Zoo! We were able to feed the giraffe, camels, goats and birds. The boys had a blast! Then we headed back to the villa for supper and more time in the lake. Maddox and I was practicing our casting off the dock. Monday night we did Maddox’s vest and neb treatment and all the boys were curious of what it was. We explained to them as best as we could to young boys of what he has and why he does the treatments everyday. Uncle Ed jumped right in and was sooo excited to watch Blippi during each 30 minute treatment. I’m sure he has this saved in his YouTube favorites now ;).

Tuesday morning a few of us hopped on the WI ducks for a ride. Maddox was so excited for the ride and as soon as the duck hit the water he passed out for most of it. Just when we stopped for our driver to give their chat, Maddox jumps awake and states really loud, ‘hey, where’s the water?’. Everyone laughed when we responded, dude you slept through it! Then we ate some lunch and headed to the Kalahari resort for the water park and the arcades. We came back to the Villa for pizza and got home super late Tuesday night.

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday we were back in our routine during the heat of the week.

Saturday we had a party for Adam, Sean and Ed and celebrated Adam’s 15th birthday. It was so hot, we went through over 800 water balloons. Everyone had a blast in the heat and sprinkler. We had awesome food and great company before the gang had to drive back on Sunday.

It was such a challenge to get him to settle down enough to rock out his treatment. He didn’t want to stop playing. It took for everyone else to take a time out to recharge with him before we could get him to sit still. His treatments are usually 30 minutes each time. We’ve been a little lax as he was legit running around some of the days. One of the studies I have been watching the correlation of exercise to lung function as people get older. The more exercise the high the lung function but nothing has been finalized. But for now, we urge both; run around as much as he can and add on the treatments as well. Can’t hurt, right?

The other thing we had to be super careful on for him was the heat and humidity. Since he is already lacking salt in his system and when he was sweating he was losing the double the amount. We had to keep making sure he was drinking enough and loaded up on the popsicle to stay hydrated. Also, to provide another ear on him as humid air can be heavy to breath for a normal person and can be even more complex for him. Mutliple trips to the air conditioned house to cool him off, drink more liquids and make sure he can catch his breath. But holy crap, this kid really doesn’t sit still or tire out at all. 🙂 #Myhero

Sunday at Grandma/Grandpas house

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Monday – time in the lake and at the zoo

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Tuesday WI Ducks and the water park resort

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Saturday – Party Time

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  1. Rita says:

    What an awesome time you all had! Wish I were able to be there too, maybe next summer! I know the humidity kills my asthma- feels like something heavy on my chest all the time. I really cannot imagine what Maddox must feel. So glad he’s an active kid, that’s all the better for him! Thank you for sharing!!

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