Sweet Dreams

I’m really not sure how this happened, but my little guy is growing up! Seriously, one day we are snuggling on the couch just cooing and crying and the next thing we are sitting on the potty like a champ and sleeping in his big boy bed.

So, the big boy bed is here. I totally had a mom moment this weekend of thinking to myself of flash backs of how the crib made him so small, where his crib was at our first home, the sheets, his mobile that was so cute and never worked properly, how we watched him roll over on his belly and always kicking out of his sleep sack things (he always hated being ‘confined’). Am I ready for this change? Should we really do this? He doesn’t hate his crib, it actually was his comforting tool when he was inconsolable during his tantrums. He would laid in his crib and told us when he calmed down he was ready to come out. Never as a punishment, a comfort and security tool instead – this was actually just last week.

In my heart, he was ready. Me? Not so much. Regardless, the wheels were in motion. Maddox went with us to the furniture store and legit ran around the entire store, climbed on every bunk bed and jumped on all the mattress we looked at. (It was raining, the store was empty and he was wound tight. I think it gave the few sale guys something to smile at). We picked up the mattress Friday night and laid it on the floor in his room. This kid was so excited for his big boy bed. He even said to me, ‘mom, put me in my crib’. I asked why, ‘so I can take out all my blankets and animals’. Bittersweet moment, he was ready for this.

One of the things I found during the day after Thanksgiving sales were sheets and a comforter for his bed. I debated to let him sleep in those sheets just yet or wait until it was all assembled later in the weekend. Who I am kidding? I was excited to show him my amazing deal! Of course it was Paw Patrol too! Two points for mom!

Friday night rolls around, we go through our normal bed routine, we walk into his room, say goodnight, lay him down and leave. He sat and played with Blue Bear for a few minutes and passed right out. I was curious to see if he would get up and tell us about his bed, but he was out.  Saturday morning rolls around and he we hear his little pitter patter running through the house straight to us, GOOD MORNING! 🙂

Sunday afternoon we assembled the bed. We ordered the short box spring knowing that all mattress are at least 5 feet high already and then a box spring to add? Esh. Nick takes apart the crib (a heart string is pulled >internal sniffle<) and the full size bed frame is put together with his little shadow. We put the box spring on – not to shabby. We put the mattress on and holy crap, it’s at least a 10 foot drop. Ok, not that bad, but mommy’s thoughts are straight to – man that’s gonna hurt if he falls out. So I am finding extra blankets and pillows to put on the floor. Lucky for me, my mom is a pack rat and doesn’t throw anything away so I still have my old bed rail that is long enough for most of his bed.

A few jumps on the bed, all the required sleep time animals/blankets are added, and tada, the big boy bed is assembled. Sunday night we went through our normal bed time routine and he passed right out for us on Sunday, Monday and tonight. He acts like he has had his bed the entire time. Rock on dude, you were ready for this exciting change!

Good Night, Rest Deeply, Sleep Peacefully, Dream Sweetly

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