And so it begins.. Potty Training

It was a busy weekend for Maddox,  a lot of big and exciting changes. One of them is the presence of potty training.

Nick and I always played with the thoughts of Potty training with Maddox  and talked about it a lot with him. But we really let him take the wheel on the timing and approach. He sat on the potty once maybe 4 months ago and had a successfully try but I truly think it was purely by coincidence.  Why push the kid into something he’s not ready for?

At school, they have the kids sitting on the potty as soon as they are in the 2 year old classroom, which has been pretty close to 8 months for him now. Every day, it was SOP  (sat on potty) on the slip with maybe a time here or there that he went, but nothing of a pattern, until just recently.

One of the days driving to school, Maddox stopped half way through his conversation with me and said ‘Mom I gotta go’.  I thanked him for letting me know and told him that he still has his diaper on yet so he’s ok. What a freak out moment/reality check! It has been so care free this whole time of not having to take him to bathrooms when we’re grocery shopping or having to pull over on the side of the road for an emergency pit stop.  The reality check of; less water at night before he goes to bed, knowing where the bathroom is in almost every establishment as soon as we walk in, and having 5 extra sets of clothes for the oops has now become the reality.  The other half is, not having to change diapers. Ha! It’s so crazy how everyone has that as a mile marker. Is it weird that I actually don’t mind it? It’s the dedicated 10 seconds for him to ‘sit still’ and we can have a quick chat otherwise he is off and running.  Lately, this has been our real struggle, how many 2 year olds sit still?

This weekend was in full force at Grandma Grandpa Ruh’s house though. The kid was on a roll!. Now the pressure and the test is on to see if it he would keep it going with us or push us because we’re Mom and Dad. I feel that we’re pretty fun loving parents and try to keep everything light hearted, especially when Daddy is excited for no more diapers! And so, away we go.

Since he came home with Daddy, we went on the potty 3 times in a row already.  I am thinking that anyone that has had a chance to go potty training understands what this means! Progress! I have quickly realized that I will need to stock up his bathroom with more towels and cleaning supplies as I have a feeling that we are going to be in the for the long haul.

I know Maddox is excited about it and we make a big deal out of it every time as not to lose the momentum. Its just crazy of how quickly he is growing up and how he fit the mold perfectly of, ‘and then one day, it clicks’.  I am hoping for our sake that we are in it for the long haul and this just isn’t a quick flash in the pan like it has been in the past for us.  Let’s see what tomorrow and the upcoming weeks will bring. I’ll keep everyone posted with an updated blog in a month or so.


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