Mommy’s Salon

Here’s the quick fun story of the night and I know I’m not alone in this story or attempt.

Personal hygiene; something we all need to do, right? We need to instill this in our kids, every day; brushing teeth, washing your feet, bath time, washing your hands to get the Cheese ball cheese out of finger nails, changing out of dirty clothes before going to bed in freshly washed sheets, you get the picture.

Tonight’s adventure; clipping toe nails. I’m not sure who has all met a 2 year old that loves to sit still longer than ‘Happy Birthday’ for anything. Clipping nails takes a little bit of finesse. It’s not like you can just do one clip and you’re done and for 10 toes, that’s longer than one ‘Happy Birthday’. So, you get creative. Welcome to Mommy’s salon.

It all started when I made a general comment, ‘mommy needs to paint her toe nails again’. Maddox’s eye light up and he knows what that means and chimes in, Me too Mommy!! (uh oh [palm to forehead] why did I say that out loud). Nick chimes in across the room, Buddy – I’ll make a deal with you, if you let Mommy clip your toe nails, you can have two toes painted (Personally, I’m curious that Nick was hoping Maddox was going to pick his pinkie toes?)

So we head into our bathroom and Maddox picks our color – bright blue of course :). And we set up our salon and low and behold, he sat perfectly still for me. I’m sure this will never work again, but hey I will take the win when I can get it! He was so happy and excited! ‘I get to to show Ms Brooke at school tomorrow, oh and Ms Katie too!’ We quickly learned that once you paint your toes, you can’t move until it’s dry, so I got my toes done in the time it took his to dry too.  Double win 🙂 I know, there are some people that are thinking, really? Why? – my response, why not? He’s a kid. As long as he isn’t hurting himself and it makes him happy – why fog him now of ‘stereo types’ and the ‘norm’. I want him to grow up to have those choices, freedom and fun until peer pressure takes over and that will be a completely different adult conversation for another day.

Blue toes for the win! – except for mine, he stepped on my big toe and smudged it #boymom

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