The Struggle is Real

Hi Everyone,

Facebook pinged me with a reminder that the Team Maddox page hasn’t heard from me in a while! Uh oh. My bad. As I am sitting here staring at a blank screen, I really don’t have much to share or report out. Thankfully?

We follow our normal daily routine which now has become our daily struggle. Maddox is getting to the age where he doesn’t want to listen to mom and dad anymore. He cries that he doesn’t want to stop playing to do his vest, especially when it’s light out so late at night. We try to get creative, we have tried to do the bribe thing and eventually he just caves and is in a bad mood afterwards. “I don’t wanna do my best”. Buddy, we don’t want to have to do this either, but until there is a cure, this is going to keep you healthy. But it definitely weights down a person’s heart to have these daily struggles to a person that is just to to young to even try to have the conversation of why yet.  Maddox is still trying to understand why we have to stop at red lights on our drives and get super mad at us in the car for those 30 seconds, future road rage on our hands :S.

We do try to have our exciting things to do on our weekend days to get him excited. Maddox, we can’t go to the zoo today with Ollie, unless you do your vest and nebs. Buddy, we can’t go see the baby piggies or kitties until you do your vest! Once we have that carrot out there of what our day is going to look like, then we have some motivation. But otherwise, in the mornings before school, it’s a 2.5 year old breakdown of dropping to the floor. Thankfully, blue bear has been his outlet lately – Maddox, go give blue bear a hug, collect your thoughts and let’s come back together and chat.  This gives him that 10 seconds to breathe and he’s back to normal after that. There are nights after the day is done and everything is checked off the list, Nick and I will sit in the living room in pure silence and it’s bliss. Our few moments to reset, clear our heads, a few comments on how the day went and then we pass out in the living room (crap).

I know it’s just the 2-3 year old phase. I’ve been following and asking other CF Mamas on how they get through it and anything creative they do differently, but in the end – we’re all in the same boat. Just staying positive, helping him through the treatments, not buckle down and skip any treatments and plan our days as best as we can. We still count our lucky stars and say our silent prayers that we were able to get through the day as we did as there are other CF Mamas that are sharing other frustrations.

In the meantime, we keep our weekends packed and try out as many cool new things as we can.  Friday night, Mommy caught the biggest fish again and  Maddox and Ollie definitely wore us out from the NEW Zoo. Today we were able to visit one of my friends from high school at her farm and had Stella’s birthday party.

At the farm we were able to see piglets and kittens. Maddox thought it was so funny the goats kept trying to eat my boot straps and he made a few new friends that he played so well with.  It was all he kept talking about all night of how the piglet was screeching to go back to his mommy so we put him back but the kitten curled right up against me and nuzzled. (yes, I took my allergy medicine and I was ok for those that know how allergic I am to kitties. All is good as I like to hold them too ;))

Cheers to a Sunday night and to a great week.


Hey boys, can we take a picture quick?
Alright, close enough. Back to running around
Watching Tom Turkey strut his stuff
Feeding the Goats at the Zoo
Checking out all Ashley and Steve’s animals
Hanging out with Tristan at the Farm
Mom’s big fish – biggest fish of the night again!



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