Teacher Appreciation Week

Today wraps up Teacher appreciation week at Maddox’s School.

We are very fortunate of the teachers we have at Maddox’s school. It will be incredibly hard for all of us when Maddox will need to transition to another school as he grows up.

His teachers at Kindercare have been amazing pretty much since day 1. I cried as soon as I walked out of the building dropping him off at 12 weeks and drive off to work. Putting the trust of your child, especially a child with medical needs, in the hands of complete strangers is tough. Will they give him his medicine? They have so many other kids in his class, how will I know that he will be taken care of? Did they listen to me on how his night before went? I hope they snuggle him when he cries.

We did a lot of research before we made the decision and I have to say, its one of the best as his teachers care for him as if he was their own. Michelle and Emmy have been there for this crazy ride the whole time. Maddox has had other great teachers along the way with Brooke currently managing the chaos of a classroom of 2 year olds. I know that he has a special place in their hearts as it’s the texts and Facebook messages asking how Maddox is doing while he was out of school sick 2 weeks ago. Seriously, not many teachers are checking in to see how things are going.

Maddox has to say good bye to ‘Shell’ and ‘Emmy’ every day before we can go out to the car. It’s given knucks, high fives and big smiles while we part ways for the night.  It’s the finger painting and extra pictures that are sent confirms that he is in great hands.  I just hope that as Maddox gets older that we continue to find teachers that care as much as they do and include him as just one of the boys. 20180428_085823(0)5778235176572239636.jpg


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