Best Buds – Mental Health

We are fortunate that Maddox has such a strong support network, especially Ollie. These two are practically inseparable. Madi and I will text each other that they are missing each other and will hop on Facetime real quick. It’s so fun to see their faces light up when they see each other. They have their own conversation with each other of what they are doing, what they are watching, or what they are eating.

When we get them together in person it is even more fun to watch. They are learning how to share and always love playing basketball with each other. I am so excited for the summer of being able to enjoy ice cream with them!

One of the areas of C.F. that we need to keep an eye an as Maddox gets older is also his mental health. Vest and nebulizing treatments can tie a person to their equipment/outlet for hours each day pulling them away from their world. Luckily the advances of technology are catching up to this area and are making the vests and nebulizers are becoming portable (Portable Vest). Until Maddox is big enough to have the travel vest, we are tied to an outlet. Fortunate for us, Ollie likes to come over to help us break up the monotony of our nights to help keep it interesting for now!

” A Child Has a special way of adding joy to every day”


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