Science Class 101 Dominant vs recessive

Going back to our early science classes of Dominant and Recessive genes. Do you remember doing these experiments in class? Blue eyes vs brown eyes? Tall vs short? I’ll explain CF and genes as it’s the same concept.

When looking at how Maddox acquired CF, both Nick and I are carriers. Maddox had a 25% chance of having CF, 50% of being a carrier and 25% of not having CF in his DNA. It presents the conversation that you might be a carrier and just never knew, like Nick and I.

A specific blood test looking for the CF gene would be taken to see if you are a carrier and then targeting the specific CF genes that our blood lines carry.

So, understanding this concept, if we were to have another child they would have the same odds that Maddox did for having CF, being a carrier and nothing.

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