A busy weekend

This weekend has brought a ton of activities to our plate. Friday night Maddox and I got to hang out as Daddy was at a business meeting. So, we went shopping at WalMart and got a brand new basketball! Saturday we ran to Home Depot and got supplies to plant our vegetables that we had growing and a tomato plant for Daddy. We then went to Tom’s drive in and got strawberry ice cream. Daddy came home, we got all dressed up and headed to the Pethan’s wedding reception. After the reception, we still had to do our vest treatment so Madi and I rocked it out until 10:30pm. Long day for little man.

Sunday we went to fleet farm and got a new pump for our Lake front Property. We need to be extra careful with the standing water in the backyard as it grows bacteria that can be very harmful to Maddox. A quick help with dad in the back and we were out of there. Now we can’t play in our backyard until the water is gone just in case germs are growing. Our big thing right now is to roll our basket balls down the driveway and then we walk safely across the street. All giggles watching it roll down the street.

We did have a great end to the weekend, Maddox went peepee on the potty all by himself!! I’m so glad that Maddox is back up to his fun loving self again. Night night #myhero

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