Strep Episode of 2018

This week we had something happen to us that hasn’t happened in a long time. Maddox got sick, like it kicked the crap out of him and scary as he was not himself. Saturday we had our CF walk and he headed out Grandma and Grandpa’s house. Grandma called at 6:30am on Sunday,  letting us know that they were very worried about Maddox as he was not himself. He wouldn’t eat and not even give grandpa a hug. Nick went back to his parents and brought him home. All he wanted to do was sleep and was in pain. Monday morning, doctor’s test confirmed that he had strep and was on antibiotics. We, as a family powered through it, half days at work, sleepless nights, and a messy house.  I can say, a spark came back on Tuesday night and Maddox powered through school on Wednesday. When I picked him up from school today (Thursday), I can say we were back to normal; chatting with me the whole way to school about shopping for mom’s flowers and talking about his cool new basketball we bought at Wal-Mart on the way home.

We are very fortunate that we’ve had only minor hiccups when dealing with sicknesses. We were in St Vincents for a week when he was 6 months for RSV. I remember being so tired of being cooped up and Nick providing the reality check that this might be our lives where we are grounded because of his illness.

I’m just so used of him going at Maddox light speed that it was a real shock to my system to see my baby not himself and being miserable. I am very grateful that we are back to light speed and that he is ok taking his antibotics as it doesn’t hurt to swallow anymore.


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