Why the Purple Shirts at the walk?

Why do some people have the purple shirts at the walk and others don’t? CF’ers need to wear purple shirts so they know to stay away from each other. It sounds terrible but they can essentially kill each other, to be blunt. The bacteria in their lungs can be deadly to other CF’ers as they have a hard time fighting off these bacteria. The golden rule is to stay 6 feet from each other.

When we were enrolling Maddox into daycare, we had to be very specific that no other child had CF otherwise we could not be in their facility. When he gets to school, we need to notify the administration as to not have him in the same classroom as other CF’ers.

We’ve been asked, well what about the general public?

That’s a risk we take every day. Good hand washing and not to go in public when he’s already sick to keep our chances low. This is one of those situations where he can grow up in a bubble or try to live a normal life.


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