Our Story Begins

Thanks for joining me!

Our little peanut, Maddox, was diagnosed with CF when he was 5 days old.

We tackle every day with renewed sense of positive energy when we see him smile and giggle at us. We are thankful that we were able to work his CF team right away to learn about it and to give him the tools he needs to grow up big and strong.

Being so young, he has no idea what his life will have ahead of him and neither do we. Our goal is to have him be as normal as a little boy needs to be; flirt with his teachers at day care, scrap his knees, play with his doggies at home and steal everyone’s heart that meets him. There have been so many leaps and bounds to help find a cure for CF that we are so optimistic that he will have as close to a normal life, medically, as the rest of us.

That is why we are coming together with others to rally together to fund the research that is needed to help Maddox in his every day struggles and provide the support for everyone that CF has touched in their lives.

Feel free to support Maddox and the CF Foundation anyway that you can as it helps him and it helps everyone to find a cure.

XOXO Maddox’s Mom & Dad (Elaine & Nick)


Welcome to Maddox's Blog!

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